Winning the DVD

You can win the DVD "Playing with Puppets for Fun, Friends, and Fund Raising" by answering the following question: "What are the three Magic Words needed to change tooth paste into a fuzzy caterpillar?"

(And just why would anybody want to do that, you ask. Well, certainly not for kids to watch their little brother or sister try to brush their teeth with a fuzzy caterpillar. Baby frogs are fun too, by the way, unless they get all hoppity. This is where the expression "I've got a frog in my throat" came from. But one spell at a time.)

Okay, you ask, how am I suppose to know those words? I have no background in magic.
Well, it's good you asked, because, if you can figure out the following code, you have the three words.

Word one:
DR2__ TSB4__

Word two:
WSB7__ TSB9__ TSB8__ DR3__ WSB10__

Word three:
WSB11__ TSB6__ DR9__ WSB2__ TSB9__

Here's a hint: The code is based on three, 99 cent ebooks--Books I, II and III of the Nature Elves series (for kids ages 8-13, or so).

The letters in the code represent a book's title. The number is the chapter in that book. To fill in the blank after the letters and the number(s), use the first letter in the chapter that is called for. The three books are shown below. They are available at (Just click the picture to go there. If you're on the right track, you will see that the first letter in the code, DR2__ above, is to be found in "Dream Robbers" second chapter. The first word there starts with a "W," and that's the answer.)

(By the book reviews at Amazon you can see that kids have been known to enjoy these books, and if you would like to encourage your kids to read a bit more, this little contest might inspire them.)

One important thing in order to be eligible: The reader of each of these three ebooks (adult or child) must rate and review them on and
Honest reviews are being sought. The reviewer is encouraged to say whatever they think. Love it or hate it, let us know! A review's content has no bearing on winning the DVD.

To win the DVD "Playing with Puppets," just send an email to PuppetMaster at

In the email:
1. Reveal the Magic Words.
(Please take care not to accidentally say them near somebody brushing their teeth.)
2. Point out your reviews on
(Tell what name they were written under so they can be verified.)
3. Provide a mailing address the DVD can be shipped to.

That's it!

This offer is limited to the USA and Canada. Only one DVD per family.

Oh, and one last thing. Please note: We will take absolutely no responsibility for kids turning their younger sibling's toothpaste into a fuzzy caterpillar.