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Please note: The "Playing With Puppets for Fun, Friends, and Fund Raising" DVD is a desktop production by Storyteller and Cartoonist, RC Scott. "Bob Wellanfine" is a fictional character in the DVD.

Puppet Plays: Fun to watch and even more fun for kids to do, these entertaining puppet plays teach many things by example, and are meant to encourage children's interest in puppetry. Most kids will pick a puppet up and play with it for a little while--then put it down again, having nothing for it to really say or do. That's too bad because there's an excellent learning resource available here. With these puppet plays their puppets will have things to say and do. Puppetry, if encouraged and channeled correctly, can motivate kids to do better in their studies, and even help them develop socially. The DVD is over an hour and ten minutes long.

                 PUPPET PLAY LIST
"Drip Vander Wrinkle." Claudius P. Podsnuffer interviews
Super Hero, Drip Vander Wrinkle. Entertaining comedy. Two
puppet show. Any two puppets may be used. 6:03 in length.
"Roasted and Salted." Playful entertainment. Can be used at
the beginning of a puppet show. Two Puppets. Any two
puppets. 1:19 in length.
"Hand Puppet Joke." Small joke about hand puppets.
Shows kids that they can let their hand puppets tell
jokes. Entertainment. Two Puppets, any two. 25 seconds.
"Itchy Pete." Cowboy humour. Two Puppets, any two.
23 seconds.
"Coming To Blows" Play on words/Character training, and a
good point of departure for discussing "not hitting" as well
as strategies for resolving disagreements peacefully. Two
Puppets, any two. 37 seconds
"PJ Day." Entertainment for some and a good point of
departure for others to help children air/discuss feelings
of embarassment and being laughed at. Also can be used
to teach sensitivity to others' feelings. Two Puppets, any two. 29 seconds.
"Breaking News." Entertainment skirting the absurd.
One puppet. 11 seconds.
"Dog On My Mind." Humor. Two Puppets, any two.
20 seconds
"Crash Test Dummy." Entertaining humor. Two puppets,
any two. 1:40
"Learning by Example." Entertaining humor, but also
illustrates some subtle complexities of what children learn
by example. Two puppets, any two. 1:13 in length.
"A Word From Our Sponser," dips a little deeper into the
comic absurd, but it also illustrates the technique of using
"Commercials." Three puppets,any three. One minute in length.
"Being Nice," is about sharing toys and being nice. Can be
used as a point of departure for teaching and reinforcing
those concepts. Two puppets, any two. 57 seconds.
"Laughing out Loud," may be the easiest play to do. Two
puppets just laugh. You'll immediately find it contagious.
This is guarenteed to get the audience laughing. And its
a great way to get everybody in the mood to enjoy the rest
of the show. Really fun to do. Two puppets. 55 seconds
(or laugh as long as you want.)
"Math Help," is an entertaining comedy aimed at
encouraging children to seek help in math when
they need it. Permission is given for the registered
DVD owner to show this play at school, as long
as the title intro is shown with it and everybody
can see that it comes from KidsPuppetShows.com.
Two puppets, any two. 7:16 in length.
"Never Get Behind the Elephant," is an entertaining comedy
that encourages kids to pay attention to the teacher and
work as hard as they can in school. Two
puppets, any two. 3:01 in length.

OTHER DVD FEATURES: (Lessons presented by cartoon characters and puppets.)

1. A fun exercise to discover how to move puppets in a variety of new ways.

2. Making a sock puppet and doing a small skit with it. Suggestions for other, easy to do, skits.

3. Finding places around the house to do a puppet play.

4. Different ways to start a Puppet Club and organize it.

This DVD with its fun animated menu can be watched on TV or computer. The play scripts are in a folder that can be accessed by computer. Omega Star Publishing retains the copyright to these plays, but grants a limited, nonexclusive license to the DVD owner to do performances. Having performance rights means that these plays can be used for Fund Raising. The plays, however, may not be filmed and put anywhere on the internet.
The plays can be grouped in many different ways to vary Fund Raising performances and more plays are available on this website. Some of these plays illustrate techniques and framework models designed to help children create their own plays, and puppet characters.

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