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Where Am I Now? Part I
(Fish Puppet. )
This animated puppet show for children 3-7 years old teaches positions. (Over, under, between, etc. )
Teaching with puppets sparks and fuels a child's desire to learn and can become a rewarding and enjoyable interaction between parent and child.
To enjoy the show now: Click here (Then choose the picture of the moon on the Video Player's "Menu".)
(It's a larger screen image if you are using a 800x600 resolution on your computer.)

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Where Am I Now? Part II
(Fish, Mouse and Chipmonk puppets. )
In Part II Glubby asks the ever important question: "Where Am I Now?" And the children can play the game to their hearts' content.
To enjoy the show now: Click here. (Then choose the picture of the Fish and Chipmonk on the Video Player's "Menu")

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Arni Snufflebuffer

(Puppy and rabbit puppet. Arni Snufflebuffer as himself. Sound effects courtesy of Cosmi.com) This play is basically meant to be funny and entertaining.
However, for some folks it can also act as a springboard for discussions about “difference”.
No matter how different others may seem, still they have their gifts to offer. Everybody has something to contribute. It’s up to each of us to foster tolerance and patience, as well as cultivate the wisdom to come to a place within where we can appreciate the value of the contributions, obvious and subtle, of those who are different from us.
Also noteworthy in this puppet play: Arni gets frustrated, year after year, and goes back to the mountains. This may be seen as a metaphor for the child that gives up and goes somewhere else only to get further and further behind. This part of the play may serve as a window--before a child starts to get behind--to open into a discussion about the effects of letting frustration get the better of us.

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The Bean Go Morning Show
An entertaining puppet play to introduce and encourage interest in a teaching unit based on Australia. Also useful for discussing the problems of not being prepared in real life.

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The Case of The Missing Kitty
This is not a puppet show. It's a little cartoon story to serve as a reminder for children not to wander off and to not talk to strangers.

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Coffee Table Tidbits
Care to enjoy a short puppet play with a friend over coffee or tea?

Itchy Pete
(Choose the picture of the Turtle & Hedgehog puppets on the Video Player's "Menu.")

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A Brief Commercial Just a little spoof. (Choose the picture of the two puppies)

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Total Recall A puppet show to introduce a "Where does our food come from?" Lesson Plan.

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