"The Case of The Missing Kitty" serves to remind children not to wander off in public places and to not talk to strangers. In its different formats this book can also be a useful resource for ESL students.

This story is available in several different ways.

1. Online at KidsPuppetShows.com.
(For better viewing computer screen resolution should be set above 800x600.
Press F-11 on upper keyboard to get a full screen. Press again when finished with the story.)

Online features:

Read story. Watch animations. Font can be resized. Pages can be printed.
Html code can be copied and pasted to another website without permission,
(if the story is left completely unaltered.)

Click here to go to The Case of The Missing Kitty


2. Ebook (version one)
Can be read. Animations. Printable. Ebook compiler .exe format. 13.7 Megs.
Click here to download

3. Ebook (version two)
Pdf format. Needs adobe reader to view. Readable, printable. No animations. 25.9 Megs.
Click here to download

4. Audio Book version
8.9 Megs.
Left click to play now.
Right click to download. Choose "save target as," or the right click menu may have other options for downloading.
Click here

5. Cartoon Show version
This is a video that can also be viewed on KidsPuppetShows.com Click here to watch
To download the 122 Meg file Click here

6. This story can also be used as a puppet play. The kids can move
their puppets to the audio book, or memorize the script from the ebook.
The story was written in first person narrative for this purpose.
It also gives students an indication of how a story from a book or fairy tale
might be changed into a puppet play.

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