Puppet Play Scripts
Plays for Individual Puppeteers, Puppet Clubs and Classrooms
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Adding slapstick, e.g. puppets bumping into each other, falling down, tilting out of balance and the like,
will get the kids laughing and enjoying the show more.

For kids (7-11) 1. "Bubble Police" investigate suspicious bathtub bubbles. Four puppets. (Could be done by two puppeteers, each with two puppets. 2. "Selling Holes." A struggling genius (or a refugee from the funny farm?) thinking to start a new business. Two puppets 3. "Puddles? Really?" Who gave their puppy that awful name? Two dog puppets, (or pretend sock puppets are dog puppets by having them bark, growl, scratch or sniff.) 4. A free bonus play. A mischievous older brother plays a trick on his younger brother. Two puppets.

For kids (7-11) "The Boss of Me" features four, easy to learn, puppet plays.

1. "The Boss of Me." A new kid in the neighborhood has just gotten his own paper route and is looking for someone to help him. 2."Strange Name." An alien kid with a really strange name comes to town. 3."Roasted and Salted." A small skit about raffling a peanut. It can be used as an introduction to another puppet play. 4. "Fuzzy Caterpillars" is a very short play that will tickle a kid's fancy. Kids will have a lot of fun doing and watching these plays. Two puppets are needed to perform each play.

For kids(7-11):1."Herby Ann," 2."On the Rocks" and 3. Cattywampus." New puppeteers will enjoy the short dialogue in these three, fun, little plays. There are only two puppets in each play. Once child can play both parts, or do the play with a parent or friend. "Cattywampus" requires a dog, and a cat puppet (or just have sock puppets act like a dog and a cat). Any type of puppets (including sock puppets) can be used for the other two plays. This is a great way for kids (7-10) to begin to learn how to play with puppets and put on shows.

For kids (7-11) Ten wacky commercials to spice up your puppet plays. Fun to do and fun to watch. These commercials are a great compliment to any of the other plays available here.

For kids (7-11) Stan Tall, a roving Reporter for your school's newspaper, tries to get the school snitch to work for him. This puppet play has stage directions and adds slapstick to show how it can enhance a play and make other kids laugh. The play also points out a technique young puppeteers can use to give their characters a bit more depth.
In addition, a roving reporter character can report on all kinds of things or do interviews with all kinds of people (or even interview something silly, like a fire hydrant or a cow.)
This reporter character can serve as a springboard for young puppeteer(s) to write a play about.

For kids (7-11) in Puppet Clubs and Classrooms: A fun to do, fun to watch puppet play about a new student's first day in class. Some troublesome behavior follows. With five animal puppets as students and a different kind of puppet for the teacher, this play can illustrate the Golden rule in its positive aspect: Do to others what you would like others to do to you. It also encourages a good study attitude, and students helping each other learn.

For kids (7-11) in Puppet Clubs and Classrooms: This amusing play shows the antics and shrewd negotiations of first graders struggling for more freedom.
Six puppet show. Four students, a teacher, and some kind of zoo animal. More puppets can be added, if desired to fill in the "classroom."

For kids (7-11) in Puppet Clubs and Classrooms: Moving away is the third, most stressful event in a child's life, next to divorce and death. It brings up abandoment fears. Caring parents and teachers may wish to take extra measures to ease the child's discomfort.
Here's a fun puppet play that offers some practical help. It requires eight, animal puppets.