A. What is this Work at Home Opportunity?

It's about creating your own Puppet School, and teaching children the art and craft of Puppetry and Performance.

Without reading further you could take this idea and start up your own business. If you have one or more children (ages 7 to12), you have a wide open door into this business. You can build it over time with little risk, and benefit from the supplemental income every step of the way. Teach your kids and teach their friends. Do it on Saturdays, and add to your student base as you become more experienced in teaching.
(You can make really good money, just doing it on Saturdays--up to $300, or more, for six hours, depending on what you charge and how many students you have.)

Put on plays and attract the interest of other kids. The better your plays are, the more kids and their moms will want to participate. It's a fairly simple idea with a great potential to benefit all concerned. If this interests you, and you want some help starting and developing your business, please read on.

B.What are the advantages of having your own, Home-based, Puppet School business?

As a suggestion, take some time to reflect on each point, listed below, and how it might affect you, and your family. To a significant extent it's your state of mind that will allow you to succeed, or cause you to fail. If a Home-based Business is a direction you might like to pursue, firm up your state of mind by giving some thought to the following:

1. You will have more choices in living the lifestyle you want to live. And you will have more freedom to go in the directions you are interested in exploring.

2. You'll be challenged, but at levels you have greater control over. You'll have more opportunities to learn and gain valuable experience without anybody lording over you. You advance at your own pace. Nobody "above you" can hold you back, or push you forward.

3. You're in charge. You determine how it goes. You decide your own hours. You can make adjustments to make your business suitable and rewarding for you, and your family. You structure it to suit your needs. There's nobody to tell you what to do. No crabby, or insensitive, or aloof, or otherwise irksome boss to deal with. You determine the balance between work and family--and at times because of the nature of this business you can satisfy the needs of both at the same time.

4. This particular business can be rewarding in ways nothing else can be. But that may be hard to imagine without actually experiencing it. Kids, creativity, and community is a powerful combination.

5. There is a thrill and excitement in having and building your own business; a sense of accomplishment worth having. In addition, creating a community around that work can be extremely rewarding. You'll meet interesting people, and make new friends. This in itself offers a wealth of enriching possibilities that can enhance your life.

6. Working with Puppet Plays and doing Performances will help express and develop your creativity. You can originate ideas and test them out. You can learn and share with a wider community of moms on a whole range of things. And you can develop your own writing and playwriting skills while you teach the kids to do the same. This can be deeply satisfying as well as open up other outlets for writing, if you're so inclined. (Having children to "bounce" your ideas off of is an invaluable resource for someone wanting to author children's books. But you needn't have those ambitions to make this business work for you.)

7. Having your own business pulls you forward--rather than being dragged in somebody else's wake. You can adjust the pull to suit your temperament! That pull can bring a heightened sense of being alive.

8. Making a positive difference in a child's life, can be highly rewarding.

9. You are needed and appreciated by those whose lives you touch--and with a business, like this, you can touch many.

10. Most probably you can make more money and in a shorter period of time than you could, working for somebody else. And further, you will have a significant degree of control on how much you make. With the proper structure and input your business has a lot of room to grow. You can decide the direction, and how big, or how small, you want it to be.

11. You decide who you want and don't want as students. You don't have to deal with difficult children, or their parents, if you don't want to. Group make-up and group dynamics require keen observation and guidance to maximize potentials. Some people have the knack. Others have to learn it. Identifying these processes is the first step to learning them and being able to make appropriate adjustments.

12. This is an open-ended, learning experience that can lead to some deeply gratifying moments. There is a great potential here that the experiences you have will bring a new level of maturity, strength of character, and a greater level of self-confidence, all of which will translate to and enhance every other aspect of your life.

13. You'll experience a richness in the task-oriented interactions with the kids, their parents, and the community you perform for.

14. Working with individual children on a limited basis--a couple of hours a week--can be extremely rewarding. (It's kind of like grandparents, getting to enjoy the kids, but not having to change diapers. ;-> ) Working with child and character development can be extremely rewarding--and may, quite possibly, make you an even better mom to your own children.

15. You'll establish solid roots in your community, a worthy plus for you and your family that may well yield worthwhile benefits in other areas of your life.

16. You can build a business that can later be sold.

17. With this Home-Based Business your startup costs will be negligible, plus you'll be able to make tax deductions on your home, vehicle, insurance, utilities, and other business-related expenses--including trips. (Consult your accountant, or read the IRS schedule C instructions booklet found here: http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/i1040sc.pdf
You will need Adobe Reader to access this pdf file. Click here for Adobe Reader.

18. You won't have to drive to work.

19. You'll be able to make a good income that contributes to the family's well-being, and, as a mom, still put your family first, and be there for them when they need you.

(Just to spur your imagination a little, consider this: One possible result of a very focused, stay-at-home mom, making this kind of supplemental income, is that she could eventually buy her own home, or a larger, newer home, if she has one already. She could make the payments with her business' income. Things like this don't happen overnight. They take, time, patience, perseverance, and planning, along with constant and correct effort. With heart and mind in sync, things like this can and do happen.)

C. How do I get started?

1. You can do it on your own, or you can get some help by ordering the

"Teacher's Pak" for $45.

Consider the Teacher's Pak a low cost, inspiration tool. It is easily worth ten times this amount, and may soon only be available at a much higher price--and without the additional help of private consultation. Use this current low cost as a way to further evaluate the program's value in relationship to your own situation. It's a ridiculously small entry fee for such a large opportunity.

Reading through the "Pak" can help you build your enthusiasm, and encourage you forward. Without much effort you may find yourself skipping down the path to building a very satisfying business of your own.

Consider this but a small step to take in a direction that may lead to one of the best places you've ever explored. Act now! There's no commitment to act further. No hidden fees. No small print. No little traps. Take advantage of this limited time offer while you can. At the moment this program is incredibly inexpensive. But that won't always be the case.

What's in the Teachers Pak?

Consider the "Pak" to be a "seed packet." With proper planting each potent little seed has the ability to flower into something fragrant and beautiful, and help you to create a garden you'll love working in.

1. You'll learn how to:

A. Get started and be on your way.

B. Structure your school with foundation cornerstones that encourage long term success and future expansion.

C. Determine what to charge, and how to make up to $3200 a month. (You'll even discover a way to double that figure.)

D. Advertise, promote your school, and attract new students.

E. Use some teaching perspectives that will allow you to build a positive reputation with parents and teachers, and the community at large--in addition to having a positive impact on your students' lives.

F. Create Puppet Clubs, and an extended community that will be supportive of your efforts.

G. Find outside financial support for your School and Puppet Clubs.

2. You'll also find:

A. A treasure chest of teaching aids, and other useful resources to draw from. There are sources here for hours upon hours of instruction material and classroom exercises--as well as help to originate and develop Puppet Plays on your own, then perform them.

B. Strategies and various ideas to help your business grow and survive long term.

C. Hints on how to best manage children.

D. Novel ideas that will excite you and arouse your enthusiasm for this business, and the lifestyle it will help create.

E. Ways to motivate and encourage puppeteers,

F. Puppet Play examples that can be performed as is, or function as templates to be modified in many different ways, and thus generate new plays.

3. Dialogue for twenty-eight puppet plays of various lengths is also included!

"Teacher's Pak"

D. The "Playing with Puppets for Fun, Friends, And Fund Raising" DVD
will be very helpful in getting your classes started.

In the DVD you'll find 16 plays and their scripts. You can teach these to your Puppeteers.

The DVD can also be watched in class.

Click here for a more complete description of the DVD.


Puppetry is a delightful escape into the world of imagination, where anything is possible.
Enjoy the journey!

RC Scott,
Program Director

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